ETOS Balkans

ETOS Initiative is expanding in the region in cooperation with NGOs from Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. The goal is to promote the ethos values in schools and local community and to build a network of associates and partners who will work together to promote universal ethical values in the Balkans.

An initiative that promotes universal ethical values, dialogue and understanding is extremely important for the Balkan region, considering the interconnectedness of these areas, but also the divisions that emerged after the war in the 1990s that endangered basic human rights and freedoms. Divisions within ethnically homogeneous states and regions do no good to anyone but only increase frustrations and animosities that can lead to new conflicts.

Therefore, we need to work together to get to know each other better and realize that we have more similarities than differences, and to accept differences as an enrichment of our linguistic expression, cultural, religious and traditional peculiarities.

ETOS Initiative transcends national and linguistic boundaries and seeks to be a bridge that connects people. This initiative incorporates different identities and worldviews and allows people to be what they are, not to give up their identities, and to be able to lead a constructive dialogue and build peace.

TPO Foundation, through ETOS Initiative, advocates for kindness, tolerance, solidarity, ethics, so that together we can become better people and more responsible citizens.

Let’s give peace a chance, challenge each other to humanity, and build an ethos of intercultural and interreligious understanding.