Thinkerica TV

Thinkerica Television (TV), as part of the Thinkerica Education Centre, motivates children and young people with its educational and creative programmes to try their hand at journalism and to be part of an international network of young journalists.

The special feature of Thinkerica TV is that young journalists, reporters and researchers are children from Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world. In this way, children and young people create content together, learn from each other and about each other in a fun way.

The Thinkerica TV programme is informative-educational and entertaining and is imbued with the key values of ETOS (ethics, tolerance, openness and solidarity).

If you would like to join us in creating a large international Thinkerica TV network, please contact us at

We offer you:

  • education for journalists
  • environment to create content for Thinkerica TV shows
  • the opportunity to suggest your content
  • connecting with peers from all over the world
  • an opportunity to learn together and become better people.