Svjetski etos u školi

TPO Foundation, in cooperation with World Ethos Foundation in Tübingen, has launched a long-standing educational project “Global Ethos at School.” This is a pedagogical project based on the experience and results of Foundation’s ten years of work


Global ethos is based on two fundamental principles: the principle of humanity and the principle of the golden rule.

Four key guidelines:

  1. a) A culture of non-violence and respect for life
  2. b) A culture of solidarity and fair economic order
  3. c) A culture of tolerance and a life of truth
  4. d) A culture of equality and partnership between man and woman

The initiative to integrate the content of “Global Ethos at School” into schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique opportunity to actively contribute to the reform of primary and secondary education. In cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Pedagogical Institutes, teachers of secondary, primary and pre-school educational institutions are being educated for the integration of ETOS values. ETOS programmes do not only promote innovative and participatory teaching methods but also provide free access to a variety of didactic materials as well as audio-visual contributions to teaching and extracurricular activities.

So far, over 1000 teachers (primary and secondary schools) from five cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have attended seminars on global ethos, and twelve Global Ethos trainers have been educated through a special one-year programme. These trainers are teachers and professors, school principals, associates and administrators.

Schools can get Ethos certificate, if everyone in school works on promotion and integration of ethos values, both in teaching and learning. In this way, universal ethical values are cultivated and the school becomes part of the Ethos community.

Keywords: Global ethos, humanity, the golden rule, education, school