About ETOS Initiative

TPO Foundation, for many years, promotes dialogue, learning, a collaboration of scientific and activist discourses, religious and non-religious discourses, formal and non-formal education. Through ETOS Initiative programs, the goal is to promote and live universal values: Ethics, Tolerance, Openness and Solidarity, both through formal and non-formal education.

Ethos is not the same as ethics. Ethos is not a law, but a moral consciousness and an internal will to respect ethical norms and laws, not because of coercion and punishment, but because it is righteous. Therefore, Ethos aims to change people’s attitudes and opinions to understand that respect for universal ethical norms is good for them and the community. So the focus is not only on the individual well-being, but the well-being of all people, because people are interconnected and only together can create a world in which they will be safe.

Education is a pillar of every society, so it must be based on universal ethical values and respect for human rights and freedoms. Through its ETOS initiative, TPO Foundation offers various types of educational content and didactic materials that can be integrated into all subjects, especially social and humanistic subjects.

ETOS Initiative is based on two key projects: Global Ethos and EMIL – Ethos of Intercultural and Interreligious Learning.

Keywords: ethical values, ethos, dialogue, understanding, solidarity, acceptance