Ethos in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As part of ETOS Initiative, TPO Foundation has launched a certification process for schools that want to become an Ethos school. In cooperation with the Weltethos Institute from Tübingen (Germany), an invitation was sent to all primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply for the Ethos school certificate.

To become certified Ethos schools, they are required to send a motivation letter to TPO Foundation via e-mail: and, after which a contract is signed with requirements for the school to work on the promotion of ethos values for five years in the school community. This means, that each year the school is obliged to implement one ethos project that aims at intercultural and interreligious understanding, at least one activity to celebrate important dates such as Planet Day, Anti-Fascism Day, Peace Day, Children’s Day, 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women and Human Rights Day.

After four years, the school is assessed to see if it has met all the requirements for the promotion of ethos values in the school community and their work on these issues is monitored for another year. The Ethos school certificate is handed over jointly by representatives of TPO Foundation and the Weltethos Institute in Tübingen. The certified Ethos school demonstrates its commitment to creating an environment in which diversity is respected, responsible citizenship is nurtured and students are encouraged to have dialogue and respectful enquiry.

By 2020, the following schools have applied for the Ethos School and they are actively promoting core Ethos values:

Civil Engineering Secondary School, Mostar

[Konak bb, 88104 Mostar,, coordinator Sanela Mesihović,]

Primary school ”Brčanska Malta” Tuzla

[Miroslava Krleže 27, 75000 Tuzla,, coordinator Munevera Rahmanović – Hrbat,]

High School for Textile, Leather and Design Sarajevo

[Medrese br. 5, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Alma Ahmethodžić,]

Secondary Medical School Tuzla

[Fra Grge Martića br.5, 75000 Tuzla,, coordinator Mirza Jahić,]

First Bosniak Gymnasium in Sarajevo 

[Petrakijina 22, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Remzija Hurić – Bećirović,]

Catholic school centre” St. Joseph ” Sarajevo 

[M.P. Sokolovića 11, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Emilija Pavićević,]

Second Gymnasium Sarajevo 

[Sutjeska 1, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Elmana Cerić,]

Third Gymnasium Sarajevo  

[Vilsonovo šetalište br. 16, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Sedžida Hadžić,

Ilijaš High school center “Nedžad Ibrišimović” Ilijaš

[Kakanjska br. 16, 71380 Ilijaš,, coordinator Dragana Kartal,] 

Railway School Center Sarajevo

[Ložionička 8, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Berminka Hrelja,]

Gymnasium Dobrinja Sarajevo 

[Senada Poturka Senčija bb, 71000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Semir Salihović,]

High School of Metalworking Sarajevo

[Zmaja od Bosne br. 8, 71 000 Sarajevo,, coordinator Mirsad Cvrk,]

Institution for Nurture and Education of the Persons with Psychical and Physical Developmental Disabilities in Tuzla

 [Krečanska 5, 75101 Tuzla,,, koordinator Saša Delić,]