About Thinkerica

Thinkerica is the Educational Centre of TPO Foundation that gives opportunities for creative, critical, collaborative and dialogic learning and teaching. For the first time in all programs, we combine learning about ethical values with critical thinking, because we believe that a complete personality should be brought up, educated and above all ethical, but also to critically question everything. In a time of global trends and complete digitalization, education should include not only knowledge and skills required for a competitive job market but also the internalization of ethical values that can help young people to navigate the fast pace of life and to be ethically responsible.

In partnership with the Ministries of Education and universities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, TPO Foundation has developed new methodological approaches to learning and teaching, designing attractive curricula that are accompanied by available didactic materials and media pedagogical tools.

The ultimate goal is to build a responsible personality who will have respect for him/herself and others and be willing to contribute to positive changes in the society in which one lives.

Thinkerica Education Centre consists of four core programs:

  1. ETOS Initiative: Improvement of intercultural and inter-religious competencies required for a diversity dialogue and promotion of universal ethical values.
  2. Thinkerica School: personal and professional development, media literacy, language and literature, logic and numeracy, art, theatre, comic book, foreign languages and interactive games.
  3. SAPERE B&H: Learning to think requires creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and above all caring, and all of this is being achieved through P4C – Philosophy for Children and Youth Work Methods.
  4. Socrates Cafes: A place where we can discover if we really know anything.
    The Education Centre, with its programs, seeks to contribute to positive changes in Bosnian society. However, changes always start with personality and to change personality, it is necessary to have initiatives and motivation through education as well as critical questioning. Thinkerica offers an environment where children and young people can learn to ask, question, create and be the change they want in their community.

It is good if we think and critically inquire, but if we think together responsibly, then we open the room to unprecedented opportunities for progress in which we will be connected and committed to humanity and solidarity.