Winter School

How to spend winter holidays learning and having fun at the same time? The Thinkerica Education Centre’s winter school is the right place for every child who wants to spend winter holiday learning and having fun at the same time. The winter school programme is designed to make winter holiday an unforgettable experience for children and young people. The programme offers travelling, learning, enquiries with peers, making new friendships, and unforgettable experiences.

The programmes are intended for children and youth from B&H and the diaspora, as well as foreign citizens. The programmes offer activities such as improving personal and professional skills, learning B / C / S and foreign languages as well as art programmes, comics or theatre courses for children and many other activities.

Through interactive and interdisciplinary methods, participants will get acquainted with the winter magic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they will embark on unforgettable adventures under the guidance of professional guides and lecturers. Children and young people will have the opportunity to go hiking and enjoy the indescribable views from some of the most beautiful mountains in B&H like Bjelašnica or Jahorina Mountain. The winter school also offers sports programmes such as skiing or skateboarding with professional coaches. The school offers winter camps for children and youth to get acquainted with the joys of snow and hiking activities. The goal of the winter school and the camp programme is empowering children and youth, strengthening their self-confidence, independence, care for themselves and others, learning about ethical values ​​and the importance of healthy communication. The focus is on communion, mutual care and empathy for oneself and people in the environment whereas mobile phone usage is restricted during the programme. Besides going to the mountains and winter camp, the winter school also offers special, creative and educational classes that are realized in the Thinkerica Educational Center.

Replace gloomy and cold winter holidays with exciting adventures, creative educations, adrenaline trainings and winter holiday that you will remember forever!