Virtual Visits

“Meet Bosnia and Herzegovina” Summer School organized by the Thinkerica Education Centre, plans to carry out virtual visits and conversations. Virtual visits aim to take children and young people to specially selected places of natural, historical and cultural treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is a great opportunity for children and young people around the world to be virtual visitors to museums and other cultural and historical sites; to enjoy the view from the top of the Herceg Stjepan Tower in Blagaj or the view over Sarajevo from the top of Bobovac, to listen to the gurgle of the cold Neretva or Drina River, to enjoy the waterfalls in Jajce or to visit mosques, churches, synagogues, monasteries and other heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The virtual visit programme will offer interesting stories related to a visit to a particular place, and everyone will have the opportunity to join live or join online workshops and open classrooms, exchange ideas, talk to lecturers and facilitators, and meet other participants and peers from different cities and countries around the world.

Virtual visits are part of online entertainment and the educational programme launched by the Thinkerica Education Centre for all children and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and those living outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Online activities will also include educational workshops with modern topics, online dialogue enquiries for children and youth, Socrates cafes, screenings of B&H documentaries and feature films, sessions “Let me tell you” with B&H writers, learning the mother tongue and many other activities which aim to connect the children and youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina around the world.

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