What is THINKERICA School?

Thinkerica School provides a great alternative to the traditional way of acquiring knowledge and skills and enables children and young people to further develop their talents, capacities and interests through a wide range of creative programmes. Thinkerica School is designed for preschool children, primary and secondary school children as well as students.

Considering demands of today’s modern society in which young people are required to have certain knowledge and skills needed for a rapidly changing job market, it is important through education to work on building a strong character and a psychologically stable personality that can withstand pressure and stress. Children, parents and young people often think that it is important for a child to master a certain school material and get a diploma, and they do not think in the long run whether the young person will be psychologically strong enough to face all the future challenges.

Thinkerica School offers programmes that focus on the social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of children and youth, and it promotes learning about ethical values and critical thinking.

If you want to be competitive in the job market with your knowledge and skills, to follow world trends in new technologies, and above all to learn to think critically and ethically, then Thinkerica School is for you.

We offer interactive, fun and productive programmes that will stimulate your cognitive and psychological development:

  • Think Media: Media and information literacy
  • Think Words: Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian Language and Literature
  • Think Self-Confidence: Personal and professional development
  • Think Gravity, Think H2O: Physics and Chemistry
  • Think Art: Live values through art
  • Think Bilingual: English and German
  • Think Numbers: Mathematics
  • Think Kids: A corner for the youngest