Thinkerica Summer School

“Meet Bosnia and Herzegovina” Summer School within the Thinkerica Education Centre was created out of the desire and need to give children and young people the opportunity to spend summer holidays on educational and recreational journeys that, depending on the situation, can be organized in a virtual space.

The concept of the Thinkerica Summer School is conceived as a journey on which participants get to know Bosnia and Herzegovina through interactive and interdisciplinary methods, with special emphasis on the historical development, cultural heritage, religious traditions and natural resources of this country. The Thinkerica Summer School programme is designed to motivate young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the diaspora to improve their knowledge of the mother tongue and to learn something new about culture and customs.

The goal of the Thinkerica Summer School programme is to offer an adventurous travelling where children and youth will learn and have fun, work and socialize, and make new friendships.

The programme is primarily intended for children and young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina origin who live in other countries.

The summer holiday can be amazing and stupendous for those who dare to travel with Thinkerica Summer School through Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is always easier to learn together, and when we travel and experience each place directly, then such memories remain permanently etched on our memories.

Children and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world should have the opportunity to learn about their country, identity, culture, history, traditions and customs.

Thinkerica Summer School is a unique opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking natural sights in Bosnia and Herzegovina and learn something you cannot find in books or on the Internet.

Join us and experience an unforgettable journey through your Bosnia and Herzegovina!