SAPERE training for children and young people

SAPERE B&H programme offers P4C training for children and young people and it is based on SAPERE Institute programme from the UK and adapted to the needs of children and young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The training is for children age 6 to 18 and for students who wish to master critical thinking skills and gain insights into the P4C (Philosophy for Children) approaches and methods. It is important to emphasize that the training is related to the school curriculum so that children can learn certain thematic units with new approaches and methods. It will make it easier for them to understand topics and concepts that are often just memorized and quickly forgotten. Knowledge and skills of a questioning particular topic in the community of enquiry build a person who can think, ask questions, and give creative answers. The knowledge gained through active participation in a community of enquiry is more efficiently.

The training consists of 12 modules of the practical implementation of P4C in the community of enquiry. After completing the training, children and young people take the final exam and receive a P4C training certificate.

P4C training empowers children and young people to learn:

  • To think before they say something and explain what they have said (to explore and question ideas and concepts)
  • To evaluate one’s own views and views of others (to learn that you are not always right)
  • Not to take things personally and without fear of condemnation to ask questions and offer answers
  • To respect others (another person may have valuable arguments)
  • To ask philosophical questions and give creative answers
  • To improve communication skills
  • To build confidence and self-esteem
  • To adopt ethical norms and values
  • To be wise in the search for truth

For more information on P4C training (SAPERE B&H programme), please contact Thinkerica Education Centre.

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