TPO Foundation established SAPERE B&H Programme in 2018, the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to develop critical thinking, according to the P4C – Philosophy for Children method. The programme is primarily intended for teachers and students of primary and secondary schools in B&H. It offers a structured framework in the preparation and implementation of regular teaching and extracurricular content to achieve greater efficiency and success in the intellectual, emotional and social development of children and young people. To contribute to positive changes in the B&H education system, TPO Foundation has established cooperation with SAPERE Institute in London and has started training 12 professors and teachers who are now certified to hold TOT (training of trainers).


Dr Patricia Hannam as a representative of SAPERE Institute in London and certified P4C trainer led a group of first B&H trainers over the period 2018-2020 and thanks to her, SAPERE B&H has made its first steps. Using the SAPERE Institute Handbooks and other materials, TPO Foundation has also developed the first P4C Philosophy for Children Handbook in Bosnia and Herzegovina to contextualize this approach in developing critical thinking and to adapt it to the needs of this area.

In addition, TPO Foundation became part of the ICPC (The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children) network

Keywords: P4C, method, process, communication, ethical code, critical thinking, enquiry, knowledge, wisdom, argument, attitude