SAPERE BH: The first module of P4C education in Second Gymnasium Sarajevo

In the period from November 6 – 7, 2023, the first training module “Philosophy for Children – P4C” was held for the teaching staff of Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. The training was led by SAPERE BH coordinator, also an employee of Second Gymnasium Sarajevo, M.Sc.  Elmana Cerić.

During the two-day training, the participants were introduced to the P4C approach as an innovative teaching method. The participants are teachers of various teaching subjects, and considering that the P4C approach is interdisciplinary, this aroused their curiosity and motivation for participation and learning even more.

During the training, the trainer, mr. sc. Cerić, clarified the chronological steps of conducting philosophical questioning. After the theoretical part, the participants applied the acquired knowledge in a practical form. Four groups of female teachers carried out questioning, and through the reflection of critical friends they improved their skills in applying the P4C approach.

As homework, the teachers will carry out philosophical questioning with their students in their own classrooms. They will attend each other’s classes, and during the entire process, trainer Cerić is available for questions and class visits.

The P4C training is implemented by the TPO Foundation in cooperation with Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. The program “Philosophy for Children – P4C” has been approved by the Ministry of Education of the Canton of Sarajevo and with the support of the Institute for the Development of Pre-University Education of the Canton of Sarajevo, it has been implemented in this canton since 2021.