We invite all children and young people from diaspora and Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply for Thinkerica online school, which starts on June 15, 2020! Let’s think critically and ethically, and develop our talents, capacities and interests, and have fun learning Bosnian language and exploring the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let’s hang out, build friendships and bridges all over the world. Choose one of our courses: Mother tongue and literature, Personal and professional development, Media and information literacy or Art. Learn while having fun and playing! Awaken your talents through comic drawing art!

Number of places is limited. The application deadline is June 13, 2020. Participants who apply from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a 50% discount on the original price of all programs and they pay 100 BAM monthly for the selected program, while participants outside BiH pay full price in the amount of 100 Euros.