P4C IN “SECOND GYMNASIUM SARAJEVO” – Was mathematics invented or discovered?

With an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach to learning and teaching, Professor Elmana Cerić and Professor Amar Bašić held a workshop in the field of philosophy of mathematics with students of III1 class, on April, 21. 2022. at Second Gymnasium Sarajevo.

The aim of this workshop was to encourage the development of students’ metacognitive competencies through the method of philosophy for children (P4C), as well as the development of critical, creative, collaborative and caring thinking.

Encouraged by a short video “Was Mathematics Invented or Discovered?” students have had the opportunity to think philosophically about this important question that has intrigued mathematicians and philosophers since antiquity. Questioning Platonic realism and formalism, ie the view that mathematics is the language of the universe, which exists independently of our knowledge, on the one hand, and that mathematics is a social construct and invention, on the other hand, students had the opportunity to creatively and critically reflect on the nature of mathematics, mathematical phenomena , language, axioms and evidence, offering their own argumentation and exchanging views on this problem.