ETOS INITIATIVE: Visit to ETOS schools with a representative of the Weltethos Foundation from Tubingen (Germany)

On September 20, 2023, the representative of the Weltethos Foundation from Tubingen (Germany), Julia Willke, visited three ETOS schools in Sarajevo. The visit was an opportunity to get to know the work of the school, exchange experiences and challenges faced by education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Germany, as well as to gain insight into the ETOS activities implemented in the past period.

Representatives of the TPO Foundation, which implemented the ETOS program in BIH, together with Mrs. Willke visited the First Bosniak High School in Sarajevo, the Third High School in Sarajevo and the High School for Textiles, Leather and Design in Sarajevo. After meeting and exchanging experiences with school principals, the ETOS activity coordinators presented student works that were exhibited in the corridors, organized a visit to the classes where the representatives spoke with the students.

Mrs. Willke gained insight into the reasons why the mentioned schools are actually ETOS schools. She pointed out that some activities are applied in BIH, but not in Germany, such as the continuous marking of the global campaign “16 days of activism against gender-based violence”, and she will consider the possibility of this becoming a practice in German ETOS schools as well.