SAPERE BH: The third module of education of the teaching staff of Sarajevo Canton

In the period from 12.-13. May, 2022 in the Holiday Hotel in Sarajevo, the third module of SAPERE BH education for 25 primary school teachers was realized. This time the TPO Foundation hosted doc. Dr Bruno Ćurko from the University of Split and the founder of the Association “Little Philosophy”, which you can find out more at:

At the penultimate module of SAPERE BH education, teachers discussed the experiences of applying the method “Philosophy for Children” in the period of March and April. Participants applied the mentioned method in their own classrooms through language teaching and My surroundings. This group discussion strengthened the competencies of primary school teachers and developed solutions to all the challenges they encountered.

On the second day of education, doc. Dr Bruno Ćurko spoke about the founding of the Association, the application of the method in schools in the Republic of Croatia and the challenges he encountered. Participants shared their dilemmas and Mr. Ćurko made available various materials for work (picture books, short stories, etc.).

The two-day training was very intensive. Participants worked together for one period, and then in separate groups with respected lecturers:

prof. Dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak,

mr. sc. Elmana Cerić,

mr. sc. Sedžida Hadžić,

mr. Dragana Koprivica.

Feedback from participants is positive. We highlight the statement of one of the participants:

“I like that this was not a traditional type of lecture and that we all participated in the discussion equally. It is nice that we were all able to express our opinion. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to socialize and learn from the professors who were with us and from the guest lecturer. Although it was intense, it was very pleasant and useful. “

You can hear more about the program through the guest lecturer mr. sc. Elman Cerić, on N1 television, on the link: