SAPERE BH: Fourth module of P4C education – Sarajevo Canton

Empowering teachers to think critically is key to successful curriculum reform. As part of the UNIGEM project, teachers are preparing to think critically about issues of gender equality, peace building, dialogical problem solving and other important topics. The final P4C training was realized for teachers in KS in the period 22-23. August, 2022, and was led by:

1. prof. Dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak, program director of the TPO Foundation,

2. M.Sc. Elmana Cerić, coordinator of the SAPERA BH program,

3. M.Sc. Sedžida Hadžić, associate of the Institute for the Development of Pre-University Education of Sarajevo Canton,

4. M.Sc. Dragana Koprivica, teacher of the Franciscan Classical High School in Visoko.

After the two-day realization of the simulations, the participants demonstrated the knowledge gained after the previous three intensive modules conducted from February to May, 2022. The teachers realized philosophical questions with each other, according to the P4C method, after which they discussed the challenges that arose in the preparation and implementation of the simulation. He will transfer the knowledge in his home schools to his colleagues and students through replication training and regular classes.

As part of the questioning, the teachers asked questions such as whether stubbornness always leads to success, whether it is possible to be “normal” and different at the same time, whether we always act justly, whether learning leads to wisdom, etc. The question about which they opened an intensive discussion on the question “Can a person be happy when he leaves his homeland”? Through philosophical questioning, the participants had argumentative discussions, cited examples and asked each other how much they shared certain attitudes and opinions.