26 teachers from KS certified for P4C

As part of the UNIGEM project, a ceremonial awarding of certificates was organized on August 24, 2022 for 26 classroom teachers from Sarajevo Canton for the use of the P4C method.

The opening words were given by the Minister of Education of the KS, Naida Hota Muminović, and she pointed out that 10 years ago, the Canton of Sarajevo had 20,500 students in secondary schools, and this year that number is 14,300. That is almost a third less. Educators must be aware of these facts. Although the education system faces various challenges, the teaching staff can make it a quality continuous professional development.

The director of the Institute for the Development of Pre-University Education, Senada Salihović, who was also trained in the application of the P4C method, also addressed those present: “My colleague Sedžida Hadžić was already a trainer at the time. We worked together in high school. I was fulfilled and happy with every education. It was an opportunity to help my colleagues, to use the techniques of using critical, collaborative thinking. The results were extremely important to me. At one point, we collectively trained our colleagues. We wanted all employees of the Third High School to become familiar with the P4C method. Almost all countries in the world have plans for the professional development of those engaged in educational work. We in BIH will have to make a professional development plan. What the TPO Foundation, we at the Institute and the Ministry of Education are doing, must be constant. We must be a constant support. There is no reform without teachers, there is no quality education without teachers, and how can you have a quality teacher without professional training?”

See the list of teachers who have successfully completed the P4C training (February – August, 2022) HERE.