The first Socrates Cafés in Bosnia and Herzegovina

TPO Foundation was the first and only one to launch Socrates Cafés in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the cities of Sarajevo, Zenica, Tuzla and Mostar. Hundreds of participants attended Socrates Cafés and using Socratic Method questioned topics such as: I know that I know nothing, What is God’s gender?, Patriotism vs. Nationalism, Freedom and Violence against women. The facilitators were people from different spheres of life; journalists, professors, politicians, artists, etc.

There were exchanges of ideas and ideals between different people which allowed them to be more open and to approach each other with less fear. They asked popular and relevant questions. By questioning their inner self, they came up with answers, i.e. the truth that led them to honesty. They inquired but did not try to persuade others to change their minds. In doing so, they became more connected with others, which contributed to greater connection with themselves and with others.