SAPERE BH: The first module of the P4C education of the teaching staff of KS

In the period from 11-13. In January 2023, P4C education was held for teachers of subject classes in Sarajevo Canton. The participants were introduced to the P4C program, 4 types of thinking and realized their first philosophical questions.

39 teachers attended the three-day training, and the educators were:

Prof. dr. Zilka Spahić Šiljak,

Mr. Sc. Elmana Cerić,

Mr. Sc. Sedžida Hadžić,

Mr. Dragana Koprivica,

Dr. Bruno Ćurko.

On the first day of the training, the participants were introduced to the P4C program, and already on the second and third day they realized philosophical questions. With the mentorship of the educators, they solved the doubts that arose during work and learning. The guest lecturer, Dr. Ćurko, presented the work of the Little Philosophy Association and shared examples of good practice. Dr. Ćurka’s experience prompted the group to ask many questions and a quality discussion was opened. Also, the participants had the opportunity to find out what are the current projects and activities and how they can take part in them.

The statement of one of the participants is: “This education is a very nice and pleasant experience, no matter how tired we are after a busy day; again the next day, with energy and will, we find ourselves motivated. Thank you for the nice company and new knowledge.”