PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN – P4C method also applicable at parent meetings

Kanita Granov, a teacher at the Seventh Elementary School in Ilidža, showed that the P4C method is also applicable at parent meetings. On May 19, 2023. she held a meeting for parents of class IV in the area of “Peer violence and violence in primary schools”.

One of the parent meetings was an ideal opportunity for the application of the P4C work method, and accordingly the theme “Protection of children from peer violence” was realized. Considering that this is the first workshop of this type and that the parents are encountering the mentioned method of work for the first time, they gladly accepted it and “engaged” in the flow of the session and its questioning.

The philosophical question was: “Would you rather stand up for your child or encourage him?”. The initial moment is interesting when there are suspicious looks, then comes the apprehension of expressing one’s own thoughts and reflections, so that at the end of the session the participants would like to stay longer, socialize and share their opinions. The student’s parents first played a “warm-up game” and relaxed with music, or rather a musicogram, then they were introduced to the work rules.

The joint activity started with a stimulus, a short animated film, on the basis of which great ideas and philosophical questions were created. The questioning started from the author of the question, they expressed their opinion as well as some situations they had already experienced, shared experiences, shared advice on how to help the child, drew certain conclusions, and for the review of the session, they wanted it to continue. The parents of the students, more specifically the mothers, consider this a wonderful experience that gives them the opportunity to get to know each other better, respect and develop a cooperative relationship with the school, all with the aim of improving the growth and healthier development of our children.