P4C PHILOSOPHY FOR CHILDREN: Manual for the implementation of philosophy for children (P4C methods) through engagment classes in elementary school

The TPO Foundation published a publication entitled “Manual for the implementation of Philosophy for Children (P4C methods) through engagment classes in elementary school”. The publication is the result of the teamwork of a group of enthusiastic classroom teachers from Sarajevo Canton and P4C trainers from the TPO Foundation. The Philosophy for Children (P4C) manual in elementary schools was created as part of the Philosophy for Children Program project through integration with curriculum reform and activities of the Institute for the Development of Pre-University Education Sarajevo Canton, which is implemented from 2021, by TPO Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Education of Sarajevo Canton. The purpose of this manual is to offer classroom teachers an innovative work program for engagement classes, according to the P4C work method and scenarios for the implementation of this program as an incentive for the development of teacher creativity. In the introductory part of the manual, Elmana Cerić, an internationally certified P4C trainer, gives a brief theoretical overview of the educational potential of philosophy for children (P4C) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in the world. The rest of the handbook consists of the teaching programs of 24 teachers, which are adapted for different age groups of pupils.