P4C IN THE SEVENTH PRIMARY SCHOOL SARAJEVO – “Why are all people different?”

We live in a world full of diversity, so we often rely on first impressions. We form the impression against the physical appearance, behavior, gestures, voice, etc. and then we group people into certain categories. Unfortunately, sometimes these are negative categories, which expands the network of discrimination and violence.

On the topic of “Mutual Respect – Autism”, teacher Kanita Granov, through classes of Art Culture and My Environment, with students of the Seventh Elementary School in the municipality of Ilidža, on April 1, 2022, philosophically questioned attitudes about diversity. The questioning started from noticing physical differences to the fact that it is a treasure that we are all different. The students pointed out that there are those who prefer to choose someone similar to themselves as their friend. Interesting is the attitude of the girl who pointed out that she would not like there to be another girl like her.

By questioning together, the students concluded that it is positive that we are all different because life would not make sense if everything was the same and unambiguous.