In the period from February to August 2022, a group of teachers from the Sarajevo Canton participated in the P4C – Philosophy for Children education. Within this program, teachers are trained to encourage and develop critical, creative, empathetic and collaborative thinking. One of the participants is the teacher of Alija Nametak Elementary School, Centar Municipality, Mirza Ramić.

The teacher held a philosophical interrogation with the students of the third grade, on March 28, 2022, in the B / C / S language and literature class. Encouraged by the Armenian folk tale “Jug with Gold”, the students reflected on poverty / wealth through philosophical questioning, the P4C children’s philosophy method, and discussed what types of wealth and poverty exist.

The children proved that they are able to think about quite serious topics, freely express their opinions and respect the opinions of others. The philosophical question that they created themselves and that was discussed was: “Can a man be both rich and poor?”.

Well done to the little philosophers and our teacher Mirza.