We invite all children and young people from diaspora and Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply for Thinkerica online school, which starts on June 15, 2020! Let’s think critically and ethically, and develop our talents, capacities and interests, and have fun learning Bosnian language and exploring the beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Let’s hang out, build friendships and bridges all over the world. Choose one of our courses: Mother tongue and literature, Personal and professional development, Media and information literacy or Art. Learn while having fun and playing! Awaken your talents through comic drawing art!

Number of places is limited. The application deadline is June 13, 2020. Participants who apply from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a 50% discount on the original price of all programs and they  pay 100 BAM monthly for the selected program, while participants outside BiH pay full price in the amount of 100 Euros.

Thinkerica online school provides a great alternative to the traditional way of learning and teaching and allows children and young people to further develop their talents, capacities and interests through a wide range of creative programs. We offer programs that focus on the social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development of children and youth and all the programs are embedded with ethical values and critical thinking.

The programs/courses we offer are:

  1. Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language and literature, for children and youth 
  2. Media and information literacy, for high school pupils and students
  3. Personal and professional development, for high school pupils and students
  4. Live values through the art of comic books, for the upper grades of primary schools and high school pupils
  5. A corner for the youngest, for the preschool kids and lower grades of primary school kids

The price for one month is 100 Euros and the total three-months program costs 300 Euros. Payments can be made monthly or at once for three months. Participants who apply from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a 50% discount on the prices of all programs. Each course is taught two hours per week. The number of places in the programs is limited, and the group schedule will be created according to the number of registered participants. The classes are conducted online via the Zoom and Google Hangouts apps. Participants will receive all the necessary instructions on how to access the classes by e-mail when creating the program schedule.

Our course leaders have prepared interesting and creative materials, stories and anecdotes about Bosnia and Herzegovina to help you to get to know more about the beauties of the country and improve Bosnian language, exchange ideas and opinions on present youth themes in BiH and around the world, as provide opportunities for new friendships across the world. We are planning to have a joint gathering in Sarajevo during summer or winter school holidays and to continue thinking and researching about Bosnia and Herzegovina. This the way to have holidays, we will remember with joy.

Registrations starts from June 2nd  to June 13th, 2020 on the e-mail address:

Your registration form must include:

  • name and surname
  • year of birth
  • city and country, you are applying from
  • the name of the course you are applying for
  • your email address