Celebrating Europe Day and Victory Day

Thinkerica Education Centre, within ETOS Initiative, promotes anti-fascist values in cooperation with the Second Gymnasium Sarajevo, the Third Gymnasium Sarajevo, the Catholic School Center “St. Joseph ” Sarajevo, the First Bosniak Gymnasium Sarajevo, the Primary School ” Brčanska Malta ” Tuzla, the Secondary School of Civil Engineering Mostar, the Secondary School of Textile, Leather and Design Sarajevo and the Secondary School of Metal Working Sarajevo.

Every year, Ethos Schools in BiH with its students organize a series of activities that seek to draw attention to issues of peacebuilding, nonviolent conflict resolution, environmental protection, gender equality, gender-based violence, anti-fascism and human rights.

Ethos coordinators will hold their first ethos values-based activities via social networks due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year. It is planned to organize online workshops to show young people the importance of Victory Day (May 9th) in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian as well as in the European and world context. Our identity is based on Europe Day and Victory Day key dates.