Within the project University and Gender Mainstreaming, and on the occasion of the campaign “16 days of activism”, students of the Faculty of Law, University of Bihać wanted to educate citizens, students on the topic of gender-based violence and its prevention.

As part of student activities, students Iris Bužonja, Lejla Keserović and Armin Halilagić, gave a lecture to all interested students of the Faculty of Law, University of Bihać. Areas covered were: gender-based violence, violence against women, violence during the COVID pandemic. The creation of the content for the lecture is the result of a visit to the “Center for Social Work of the City of Bihać”, where students collected information and statistics on violence against women and domestic violence in the city of Bihać.

Also, the students wanted to introduce the citizens to the topic of gender-based violence, and the representative of student activities, Armin Halilagić, was a guest on local television, television of Una-Sana Canton. You can see the article on the link: https://www.rtvusk.ba/vijest/poslijepodne-uz-rtv-usk-gost-armin-halilagic-student/54219

Students distributed white ribbons to interested citizens in front of the faculty as a symbol of the fight against violence. An article about student activities and the “16 Days of Activism” campaign was published in the weekly newspaper “Unsko-sanske novine Krajina”.